Frequently asked questions

What is is fiat Currency Excahnger for buy, sell and exchange Currency.

Can I join without a sponsor?

Yes,You may join us directly using the "Join" link found on the "Home Page" or on the "Top Menu Bar". The default sponsor is site Admin.

Have any commission for user?

Yes, we give you 1% referral commission to every exchange

What payment processors are accept in Currency exchange/Buy Sell?

We accept Payza, Perfect Money, skrill, neteller, bitcoin, Paytm, Mbc usd,bank,litecoin,dogecoin.etc.

How long does it take to process purchases?

All purchases are instantly processed But during some cases, it may take upto 5-15 minutes.If the payment is not processed even after 5-15 minutes, please contact our helpline or live chat

How can i exchange,buy/sell e-currency?

Firstly login your account then click buy button and select your e-currency method and type dollar amount.Now you can see how many currency are need.Then click next and fill up the from with your detaills, then click submit button.

My question is not answered here. What should I do?

Please contact our helpline or live chat.